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Romantic Road from the River Main to the Alps
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Insider tips

For explorers, epicures and connoisseurs

For the curious-minded and contemporary kindred spirits with the most varied interests, the Romantic Road is a temptation to make surprising discoveries. World-class highlights, big events and incidentals hidden from view: along more than 400 kilometres of this multi-faceted route between the Main region and the Alps, everywhere you can come across the unusual, the inspiring, the astonishing, in brief tips that are waiting for insiders to discover. The Romantic Road is a cult for connoisseurs in search of epicurean delights who like to be cradled in the arms of Morpheus after an eventful day. The spectrum of well-tended places where one can stop off for a break or stay the night is a broad one, ranging from the cosy farmstead through the familiar bed-and-breakfast, the rustic-style hotel guest house, traditional family run houses and modern hotel chains right up to trendy event- and life-style hotels. It goes without saying that the food and drink is typical of each region and covers everything from the Jause, or small snack, via Franconian specialities to the stylish coffee break. Whether it be fine wines from the Main, Tauber and Hohenlohe regions, or a good, quaffable beer – noble vintages and fine brews reveal their bourgeois or noble provenience in the ‘Ratskeller’, winegrowers’ cooperatives, wine galleries and brew-houses. Majestic residences, proud castles and enchanting palaces, for example in Wurzburg, Weikersheim or Wallerstein, are an invitation to enjoy the three ‘K’s that are the hallmark of the Romantic Road: Kunst, Kultur und Kulinarik [Art, Culture and Cuisine].

On the journey through the diverse landscapes of Franconia, Hohenlohe, Bavarian Swabia and Allgäu there are more than simply pleasures to satisfy a hunger and a thirst. There is something for everyone to enjoy here, alone, with the family, friends, as a member of a club or association. Here, in the wildlife park, you can take a look at the ‘Hunters of the Night’, or experience Christmas for 365 days of the year as the epitome of German Romanticism; the child in the man is awakened in the railway museum with its locomotives and wagons of yesteryear or ‘Lady Luck’ lies in wait at the gaming tables of a casino.

Würzburg is agleam with the Baroque magnificence of the Prince Bishops, Füssen is bright with the palaces of the ‘Kini’, or Bavarian fairytale king, whose dazzling life can be dreamt of against the backdrop of these marvels in stone; or gazed at in wonder during an unusual day of pampering and wellness in Schwangau: the Royal Crystal Thermal Baths are some of Germany’s most beautiful.

Wellness of the very finest quality is only one variation of the manifold possibilities for excursions, trips and vacations to the right and left of the Romantic Road. Try shopping in a leading outlet centre as a starter. Then a trial cure, or short- or long-term cures, in one of the Republic’s traditional spas, relaxing holidays in the country, following in the footsteps of the Romans along the 2000-year-old ‘parallel-running’ ‘Via Claudia Augusta’. Swing your golf clubs, go on a specially organised bicycle tour plus luggage transport service, take a side trip to the fantastic upper Bavarian lakes, arrive by plane at Germany’s second largest airport, and journey on by bus or cheerfully undertake a group tour with an expert guide: the Romantic Road has a suitable offer and the right partner for everyone.