Romantic Road from the River Main to the Alps
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 ロマンチック街道サイクリング - ヴュルツブルクを自転車で

The Romantic Road offers visitors from near and far one treasure after another, lined up like pearls in a necklace. Historic old towns, medieval city walls with their fortified towers and gates, Baroque pilgrims’ churches, Roman abbey walls and the Bavaria’s fairytale king’s fantasies in stone are as much a part of this as wild, romantic river valleys, fish pools and a rural, cultivated landscape, which has grown up over many generations; dark forests, an ancient meteorite crater and the...[more]

All our individual cycle tours include accommodation in comfortable guest houses and hotels, together with a copious breakfast buffet, transport of luggage to the next daily stage-point, an emergency number for use in case of problems and return transport of participants, together with their cycles and luggage, to the desired point of departure of the Romantic Road Bus. The whole trip is organised to fit in with the personal wishes and expectations of those involved.   Price per...[more]