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Romantic Road from the River Main to the Alps
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International / Impressions

Impressions of international holiday routes

Following the model of the oldest "German travel route", which has, from the inception of tourism, wound its way from Würzburg to Füssen and, in the very beginning, even as far as Innsbruck, holiday trails have grown up in other countries and to these we feel ourselves linked in bonds of friendship.

Sayônara in Nippon - 350 kilometres long and 27 towns and villages along the way: this is by no means everything that Germany’s most popular tourist route and the “Japanese Romantic Road” have in common. Beautiful landscapes, breath-taking natural scenery, magnificent flora, picturesque towns, a fascinating cultural heritage, historical highlights, celebrations and festivals, famous spas and thermal springs are characteristic of this route through Central Honshu, the largest of Japan’s four...[more]

Stationen einer außergewöhnlichen Jubiläumsreise: In der schnelllebigen Touristik ist eine solche Beziehung über ein Vierteljahrhundert und die halbe Welt hinweg die Ausnahme. Wie intensiv diese Freundschaft gelebt wird, zeigte die Jubiläumsreise einer Delegation der ältesten deutschen Ferienstraße im Juni zum japanischen Pendant.[more]

On 20 July 2009, the “Romantic Road of Korea” was opened in Gangneung on the Korean East Sea, by the governor of the Gangwon province, Kim Jin-Sun. Among the 1000 guests who attended the opening ceremony were Jürgen Wünschenmeyer, director of the Romantic Road Germany, Kousi Abe, director of the Romantic Road Japan and representatives of the Hanns-Seidel-Foundation. The project, a promotional cooperative venture between six cities and counties as well as Gangwon province, was created at the...[more]

Modelled on the German Romantic Road, Brazil’s ‘Rota Romântica’ runs for almost 200 km through the South Brazilian state of ‘Rio Grande do Sul’, from the plain of the ‘Rio dos Sinos’ river to the ‘Serra Gaúcha’ highlands. The thirteen towns of the Rota Romântica constitute an ideal destination for visitors to Brazil looking for a special spot with breath-taking landscapes, tranquil locations and delicious regional cuisine. Valleys, meadows, waterfalls and colourful gardens provide a wonderful...[more]