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Romantic Road from the River Main to the Alps
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Wertheim Village is the first shopping attraction of its kind in Germany. In the spacious shopping village, fashion and price conscious customers can purchase last season's collections by international and national designers at a discount of up to 60 percent* all year round.   [more]

Weikersheim Palace is the jewel among the Hohenlohe palaces. Its heyday was the Renaissance and the Baroque and its legacy was a set of majestic buildings with impressive interiors and charming gardens, all of which have remained virtually unchanged right down to the present day. [more]

Käthe Wohlfahrt Christmas village covering 900 square metres. Here, visitors can stroll around a snow-covered Franconian village with a five-metre high, white Christmas tree the whole year round (even in the summer). [more]

In their design, Stuttgart architects Steinhilber and Weis pick up the casino’s unusual location. The strict longitudinal alignment of the building creates a thematic link with the nearby motorway. [more]

Experience courtly life of the 19th century. Visit Wallerstein Castle. Since the 17th century, the castle has been the administrative centre of the principality of Oettingen-Wallerstein. Today, it is a forum for art and culture.[more]

Breath in the railway atmosphere. Restored in fifties style, the railway depot presents a broad range of railway vehicles. At present, the museum has 120 vehicles. [more]

Visiting Dehner Flower Park is like going on a botanical world tour; the show garden in the garden centre at the Dehner Company Headquarters brings together garden features from Asia, the Mediterranean and England to form a unique 30,000 m² ensemble.[more]