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Romantic Road from the River Main to the Alps
Romantic Road online booking

Active holidays from Würzburg to Füssen

Cycling and walking; there's definitely no better way of discovering Germany's best known and most popular holiday route at close quarters.

Holidaymakers can cycle along the specially signposted Romantic Road long-distance cycling route, following the green signs along the 500 kilometres from Würzburg to Füssen. The route also forms part of the ADFC's (German Cycling Association) nationwide network of cycle paths and is identified there as the D9. The blue signs indicate the long-distance walking trail, which offers a real Epicurean experience all along its 500 kilometres, as it takes visitors through fabulous landscapes and romantic towns in Franconia, Baden, Württemberg, Swabia and Upper Bavaria.

The Romantic Road buses take both cycles and luggage and provide the ideal means of transport for active holidaymakers. The journey can be interrupted as often as you like, so that you can modify your journey along the Romantic Road to suit your mood, your whim and the weather.

To help you plan your own individual trip, GPS data are available for both paths and there is a detailed guide available for the long-distance cycling route and the long-distance walking trail. Orders can be placed in the online shop or by telephoning: +49 (0) 9851 551387

Direct bookings for tickets can be made here.  

including return transfer to the starting point, together with transport of luggage and cycles – bus & cycle tours on the Romantic Road D9 long-distance cycling route.[more]

Wertheim Village an 9.15 Uhr/ab 18.35 Uhr  25,- EUR
Würzburg an 9.40 Uhr/ab 18.00 Uhr  34,- EUR
Rothenburg o.d.T. an 12.30 Uhr/ab 16.30 Uhr  62,- EUR


Feuchtwangen an 13.45 Uhr/ab 15.15 Uhr  7,- EUR, Dinkelsbühl an 14.00 Uhr/ab 15.00 Uhr 10,- EUR

München an 10.50 Uhr/ab 17.50 Uhr  37,- EUR, Schwangau an 8.10 Uhr/ab 19.50 Uhr 2,- EUR