Rota Romantica do meno aos Alpes

Bad Mergentheim

Sagas, fairy tales and legends

Saga of the ‘Klöpferle’

In the Mühlwehrstrasse there is a large, impressive looking house, popularly called the ‘Knights’ House’ [Ritterhaus] or even the ’Haunted House’ [Geisterhaus], where the so-called ‘Klöpferle’ have been wreaking havoc since times immemorial. If there are signs of a good year for wine, in the upper rooms of the house and especially in the vaulted cellars, you can hear the sound of the ‘Klöpferle’ banging on the barrels with their silver hammers. The noise they make is not only supposed to presage a good wine year. Occasionally they can get up to mischief and then they start knocking over the vegetables in the bowls and the plates in the cellar.


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