The ultimate in romance


When evening falls slowly over the roofs and bathes them in warm light, the magic of the town unfolds even more than in the hours before. So instead of returning to the hotel, we cry: Let’s go on a second tour! Let’s stroll again through the winding alleyways and across cobbled squares, past innumerable half-timbered houses and the imposing Minster. Another walk along the almost fully intact city walls, with turrets and gatehouses in quick succession; another stroll along the moat or the banks of the River Wörnitz. Very gradually it’s getting dark, but one thing is certain: we’ll go on a third walk tomorrow …


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Dinkelsbühl - Group Travel Offer

Guided evening visit on the Dinkelsbühl Triple-Star Tour

Discover floodlit Dinkelsbühl by night – the town with the “most beautiful old centre in Germany” (FOCUS Magazine).

We have found 5 events for you
29 Oct

29.10.2021 – 07.11.2021

Fish Harvest Week

25 Nov

25.11.2021 – 22.12.2021

Dinkelsbühl’s Christmas Market in the Spitalhof square

15 Jul

15.07.2022 – 24.07.2022

‘Die Kinderzeche’

This colourful festival play tells the moving story of the way in which the town was spared during the Thirty Years’ War

29 Oct

29.10.2022 – 06.11.2022

Fish Harvest Week

24 Nov

24.11.2022 – 21.12.2022

Dinkelsbühl’s Christmas Market in the Spitalhof square