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Where carp and lambs have their home

Pools for rearing fish were once upon a time the formative element in this idyllic landscape of fields and rivers. Dinkelsbühl carp decked the tables of both of the poorer members of the community and the wealthy patricians.

Today, along with carp, perch and sheatfish, pike and tench are reared in the waters. On the grasslands and juniper meadows of the Hesselberg graze sheep, known for the particularly tender and well-tasting meat of their lambs. Fish and lamb, in ever new imaginative recipes, invite you discover a wonderful cuisine. 


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Guided evening visit on the Dinkelsbühl Triple-Star Tour

Discover floodlit Dinkelsbühl by night – the town with the “most beautiful old centre in Germany” (FOCUS Magazine).

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25 Nov

25.11.2021 – 22.12.2021

Dinkelsbühl’s Christmas Market in the Spitalhof square