Nature on the doorstep


Just a short while ago we were drinking coffee on the main square, and now we are almost on the Hill of Calvary, where there is the Lourdes Grotto and Stations of the Cross. The pathways out of the centre of Peiting into the natural landscape are short; the views around the place are spectacular. But you do not have to climb up high to discover fascinating things: a walk around the 'Gumpen', the lake in the heart of the market town, is like a short holiday; a visit to the Villa Rustica is like a journey into Roman history, and a cycling tour along the River Lech is better than any spa day.


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Guided visit of the Villa Rustica

In 1956, a Roman estate was discovered near to Peiting.

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01 Mar


Peiting’s Farmers Market

with its wide range of products takes place from 8.30 a.m. to 12 noon on the 1st Friday of every month on the Hauptplatz (main square)