A town of landscapes and miracles of light


On Assumption Day every year, as the afternoon is drawing to a close, something extraordinary takes place in Creglingen’s Church of Our Lord: at this time, the evening sunlight falls exactly onto the face of Mary ascending, making the famous Altar of Mary by Tilman Riemenschneider appear even more splendid. Many other attractions in Creglingen also leave a lasting impression: there’s the Lindlein tower with its fascinating history, the superbly designed Jewish Museum, the historic old town, and the countryside around the town, which, like the 'Miracle of Light' in the Christ Church, is simply magnificent.

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07 Feb


Horse Market

with Traders’ Market and Festival Procession

from 15 Aug

15.08.2024 – 31.08.2024

Magical Lighting Effects

in the Herrgottskirche church

from 29 Nov

29.11.2024 – 01.12.2024

Christmas Market

in the Schloßhof square