• History

  • 15 BC -The Romans conquer the country
  • 8th century AD - The Welfs occupy the Lechrain district from Säuling to beyond Schongau
  • 1172 - First documentary mention of the men of 'Druchgo' under the leadership of Duke Welf VI
  • 1191 - Land passes to the Hohenstaufens
  • About 1275 - 'Buchengau' mentioned for the first time in the records of Duke Ludwig the Severe relating to the ducal lands in the Lechrain region
  • 1535 - Sovereignty sold to the Augsburg patrician, Johann vom Paumgarten
  • 1567 - Sovereignty passes to Duke Albrecht of Bavaria
  • 1803 - The three communities of Buching, Trauchgau and Schwangau formed under the district court of Schongau
  • 1880 - Becomes part of the Swabian District of Füssen, later Füssen Rural District
  • 1972 - Dissolution of Füssen Rural District and formation of a new Rural District, East Allgäu
  • 1976 -  Voluntary merger of the communities of Buching and Trauchgau to form the new community of Halblech

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Traditional Cattle Market

with a procession of young cattle adorned with garlands and flowers, cattle market, trader’s market and festival marquee