• 1073 - At the behest of Bishop Altmann of Passau, Duke Welf I of Bavaria changes a hermitage in Rottenbuch into an Augustinian monastery
  • 1090 and 1092 - Through pontifical privileges, Rottenbuch becomes a pontifical monastery and then the centre of canon reform in Bavaria and pontifical base in the investiture dispute
  • 1803 - The flourishing foundation is abolished following the conversion of the monastery church to Baroque style and the reconstruction of the monastery. The communities of Rottenbuch, Böbing, Wildsteig and Schönberg emerge from the former 'Hofmark' (district) of Rottenbuch
  • 1956 - Rottenbuch receives its coat of arm, a beech with roots and seven red leaves on a silver background.
  • 1978 - Schönberg becomes part of Rottenbuch

Klosterhof 42
82401 Rottenbuch
Phone +49 (0) 8867 9110-18
Fax +49 (0) 8867 9110-30


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