Pearl of the Rococo


A sprig of valerian, a little mint, a few steps through the Gothic labyrinth – relaxation is already setting in. The wonderful monastery garden of the Abbey of St. John the Baptist is an oasis of calm, and it fortifies the visitor for the sights that remain to be discovered in Steingaden. There’s the imposing Minster, known as the Welf Minster, the romantic market square, and finally, the Wies Church: in the early evening, when the rush has died down a bit and the light is shining gently through the high windows, the Rococo splendour is shown to perfection. A beautiful end to a fantastic day.

Tourist Information
Krankenhausstr. 1
86989 Steingaden
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We have found 3 events for you
from 01 May


Concert series in the Wieskirche church

Music and Readings Summer Festival in the Wies Music in the Pfaffenwinkel

20 May


Pilgrimage to the Wieskirche in traditional regional costume

Pilgrimage to the Wieskirche in traditional regional costume (Association of the Upper Lech) Whit Monday from 9 a.m.

07 Jul


Traditional St. Ulrich’s Horseback Procession

Three-kilometre ride to the Kreuzbergkirche church. Open-Air Mass with the Blessing of the Horses