Town, countryside, river – and castle


You can climb even higher, so don’t give up now. Keep on going up the narrow stone steps! Wertheim Castle is fantastic, a place of adventure for young and old, a grandiose backdrop for cultural events, and home to a restaurant with the best of regional cuisine and a panoramic view. Right at the top, once you’ve reached the castle keep, you are rewarded with an impressive vista. Looking out over Wertheim’s old town, with its many churches, museums and half-timbered buildings, and the picturesque river landscape of the Main and the Tauber, immediately raises the appetite for a cycling or walking tour. But we’ll do that tomorrow - for the moment, let’s enjoy the castle’s unique character at a lofty height for a little bit longer …    


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The taste of Wertheim – Wertheim delicacies - tour

This fascinating walk through the town will take you past Wertheim‘s traditional shops, where some typical local delicacies will be served.

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06 Nov


Farmer’s Market

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