Eating and drinking

Wine, sausage and game typify Main-Tauber-Franconian cuisine. For centuries, wine has been grown in Wertheim and its region. Wine-tastings can be enjoyed in both the 'Grafschaftsmuseum' and the Glass Museum, as well as at the Konrad Schlör and Alte Grafschaft vineyards, the cellars of the wine growers' cooperative, the 'Winzerkeller im Taubertal' and at the Martin Baumann and Oesterlein vineyards. For beer drinkers, there is no shortage of fine ales in the cellars of the traditional breweries.

Many traditional family-run inns offer a range of regional and international cuisine right up to star-rated gastronomy.


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The taste of Wertheim – Wertheim delicacies - tour

This fascinating walk through the town will take you past Wertheim‘s traditional shops, where some typical local delicacies will be served.

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Farmer’s Market

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