• 7th century first settlement on the site of what is today Kreuzwertheim
  • 779 First authentic mention of Wertheim
  • 1009 Market rights granted by King Heinrich II
  • 1103 First documentary mention of the 'county' of Wertheim
  • 12th century Building of castle begins
  • 1306 Wertheim receives its town charter and thus also the right to mint coins
  • in the 16th century Wine growing is the principal activity
  • 1556 Death of the last Count of Wertheim, Count Michael III, whereupon the 'county' passes to Count Ludwig of Stolberg
  • from 1598 Takeover of government by Count Ludwig of Löwenstein-Wertheim
  • 1634 Destruction of castle in 30 Years War, since when it has just been left as a ruin
  • 1806 Napoleon draws up new frontiers, which divide the region. Wertheim is incorporated into the Grand Duchy of Baden; Napoleon imposes tolls on the Main bridge between Wertheim and Kreuzwertheim
  • 1913 Start of first incorporation into today's industrial region of Wertheim-Bestenheid
  • after 1945 Establishment of glass industry by displaced persons in Wertheim-Bestenheid
  • 1972/1976 With the incorporation of 15 surrounding communities, Wertheim becomes the regional administrative centre ('Große Kreisstadt' or major district town)

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The taste of Wertheim – Wertheim delicacies - tour

This fascinating walk through the town will take you past Wertheim‘s traditional shops, where some typical local delicacies will be served.

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Farmer’s Market

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