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Is there any difference between Wildsteig and the Shire (Auenland), the famous landscape in 'Lord of the Rings', which is so paradise-like? In Wildsteig, in addition to the gentle hills, meadows, pastures, woods and upland moors, there’s also the bonus of an Alpine setting, a maypole, and wonderful inns! The municipality, which is surrounded by the Ammer and Trauchberg mountains, is an ideal starting point for hiking and cycling tours, and excursions into the Pfaffenwinkel, the Werdenfelser Land and the Allgäu region.

Kirchbergstr. 20a
82409 Wildsteig
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We have found 2 events for you
19 May


Whitsun Choral Singing

Gemeindehalle (community hall), 8 p.m.

30 Nov


Annual concert with the Wildsteig Music Ensemble

Gemeindehalle, 8 p.m.