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Hiking and tips for circular tours

Wonderful wide-open spaces - The hiking trail along the Romantic Road

An undulating sea that has a golden glow in the evening sun and seems to stretch as far as the horizon. Below the rape field, the River Tauber winds its way through fields and meadows and the wind rustles softly in the treetops. Otherwise, nothing can be heard except the occasional twittering of a bird.

There are sections on the route where the setting is almost surreally idyllic and civilisation is very far away. The Romantic Road’s 500 kilometre long-distance hiking trail is also know as the 'Pleasure Trail' – and the name lives up to expectations, because you really can derive perfect pleasure from this journey on foot. If tiredness sets in, there are places to take a break by rivers and streams, and there’s no tiresome searching for parking spaces in the towns. If it rains, you can simply change your plans spontaneously and have another cappuccino in a café on the historic market square.

Information for visitors to the Romantic Road’s long-distance hiking trail

The long-distance hiking trail along the Romantic Road was formally opened in 2006 in the Prince Bishops’ Residence in Würzburg. The Romantic Road has changed its route in a number of places since then, and a number of encroachments into nature have changed the landscape, too. In consultation with the regional walking associations, the route has been adapted to accommodate the changes and, at the same time, to considerably enhance its attractiveness. It is signposted throughout and, in some places, the changes that have been made are also indicated.

Long-distance hiking trail

Romantic Road long-distance hiking trail

Length 504.05 km
Duration minutes
Ascent6213.35 m
Descent5597.8 m

Routing between Würzburg and Wertheim:

The routing of the Romantic Road has been changed to make its northern stretches even more attractive and now it runs from Würzburg to Tauberbischofsheim via Wertheim. The signage has been changed for all 3 ways of getting there – car route, long-distance cycle trail and hiking trail – and all the signs taking people from Würzburg straight to Tauberbischofsheim have been removed. The Romantic Road hiking trail from Wertheim covers very similar ground to that of the ‘Panorama Trail’ along the lovely Tauber Valley (“Panoramaweg Liebliches Taubertal” – stage 4)
To be sure that you don’t miss out along the way, we recommend that you download the current route at this LINKand bring it with you.

Good to know:

The first opportunity for overnight accommodation on the way from Würzburg to Wertheim is to be found after slightly more than 30 kilometres in Helmstadt and, on the way from Nördlingen to Harburg, there is a stopover after barely 20 kilometres in Mönchsdeggingen. In both cases you should book in good time and bring enough food with you for your needs.

Stunning views

Experiences of culture and nature blend seamlessly here: after a walk around the town of Tauberbischofsheim, you can continue through the Tauber Valley till you reach Lauda-Königshofen, which is surrounded by gentle hills and vineyards. Schillingsfürst Castle is set within the Franconian Heights (Frankenhöhe) and an impressive view of the Ries geological park (Geopark Ries) awaits you from the top of the Wallerstein rock. Then come the Free Imperial Cities of Donauwörth and Nördlingen, the gardens of Rain, Harburg Castle, Augsburg, city of the Fugger family, and finally the Lech Valley, followed by a dip in the Friedberger Lake, a picnic by the stream in Hohenfurch, and a chance to gaze in wonder in Rottenbuch church.
After Wildsteig and Steingaden, the hills become higher, the pastures and hay meadows more numerous, and the views more and more spectacular. The mountains close in. In Halblech, the Ammergau Alps and twelve lakes tempt you to take a good long break, before continuing past the dream setting of Neuschwanstein Castle and the Alpsee, and finally to Füssen, where the trip ends just as it began: wonderfully.

The sections of the romantic hiking trail

From the Main to the Tauber
Würzburg - Wertheim - Tauberbischofsheim
The Tauber Valley
Tauberbischofsheim - Lauda-Königshofen - Bad Mergentheim - Weikersheim - Röttingen - Creglingen - Rothenburg ob der Tauber
The Franconian Heights
Rothenburg ob der Tauber - Schillingsfürst - Feuchtwangen - Dinkelsbühl - Wallerstein
From the Ries region to the Danube
Wallerstein - Nördlingen - Harburg - Donauwörth
The Lech Valley
Donauwörth - Rain - Augsburg - Friedberg - Landsberg am Lech - Hohenfurch - Schongau - Peiting
From the foothills to the edge of the Alps
Peiting - Rottenbuch - Wildsteig - Steingaden - Halblech - Schwangau - Füssen

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