Rothenburg o.d.T.

'Meistertrunk' Festival Days (Whitsun)

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The 'Meistertrunk' in Rothenburg o.d.T. - that means living history and colourful events in front of the unique backfrop of this medieval town. In the entralling and poignant stage play, 'Der Meistertrunk' (The Master Draught), the dramatic events of 1631 are re-enacted every year, telling the sory of the time when Nusch, the old Mayor, saved the town from destruction by drinking all of his huge tankard.
Pageants, life in a military encampment, markets and numerous events have been enchanting guests from near and far for more than a centruy. The evident pleasure that the people of Rothenburg take in their festival, which they run with so much commitment and loving attention to detail, whilst still enjyoing it themselves, gives these historic plays a very special, family atmosphere.

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