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Culinary adventure tours - The way to our hearts is through our stomachs

When the cuisines of Franconia, Baden, Württemberg, Swabia, Bavaria and the Allgäu converge, it makes for an enjoyable touring and eating experience.


The Romantic Road is a 460 kilometre-long road of discovery for culinary delights. These range from hearty treats and authentic regional specialities, to formal dinners; from the village pub and country inn to the gourmet temple. Additional enjoyable attractions for tour groups are gastronomic food and drinks fairs, pub festivals and culinary festivals. 

For further infomation on all Romantic Road offers please see the flyer GROUP TRAVEL OFFERS!


The taste of Wertheim – Wertheim delicacies - tour

This fascinating walk through the town will take you past Wertheim‘s traditional shops, where some typical local delicacies will be served. Stop at the butcher‘s, drop in at the baker‘s, visit Wertheim‘s wine bar or the castle wine cellars, taste a traditional Wertheim dish in a typical Franconian inn and enjoy a coffee in a Wertheim coffee shop. At the end of the visit, you will be introduced to the „Original Wertheimer Buddenscheißer“. A great experience, and quite delicious.

Per person: German: € 19.- English: € 24.-
Participants: minimum 20 people
Duration: 2 – 2½ hours
Smaller groups on request

Gerbergasse 16
97877 Wertheim
Phone +49 (0) 9342 93509-14 • Fax +49(0) 9342 93509-20 

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Bad Mergentheim

Vineyard tours

On a walking tour or drive through the vineyards with our qualified wine tour leaders, you will learn a lot about the region’s wine-growing history, which stretches back over more than 950 years. During the tour, you will have the opportunity to try the Tauber Valley’s array of wines. These even include the rare ‚Tauberschwarz‘ wine. The Tauber Valley is almost the only place where this grape variety is cultivated.

Per person: € 19.90
No. of participants: minimum 10
Length: approx. 3 hours

Organiser: Tourist Information Bad Mergentheim • Legal entity: The town of Bad Mergentheim
Marktplatz 1
97980 Bad Mergentheim
Phone +49 (0) 7931 574815 • Fax +49 (0) 7931 574901 

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Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Wine tasting in the ancient ‚cask cellar‘

Wine tasting with the cellar master, who provides a professional and light-hearted commentary. Discover our countryside with your nose and palate!
Venue: The ancient wine cellar in the Glocke hotel; light meals can be provided as part of the cellar wine tastings.
* 8 wines, including the sweet, late-harvested‚ Trockenbeerenauslese‘, € 16.-

Per person: from € 8.50 to € 16.-
*Length: approx. 1½ hours
Prices based on groups of at least 20 people

Organiser: Glocke Weingut & Hotel, A. und K. Thürauf - Proprietor: Albert Thürauf
Plönlein 1
91541 Rothenburg ob der Tauber
Phone +49 (0) 9861 958990 • Fax +49 (0) 9861 9589922 

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The sweet side of Feuchtwangen

Experience the sweet side of Feuchtwangen. Visit the Confectioners’ Guild workshop in the historic Craftmen’s Rooms. Get to know more about the confectioner’s craft, historic tools and the specialities of Feuchtwangen. As well as having a guided tour, you can taste sophisticated praline varieties, such as ‚Coffee and Sesame‘ and ‚Elder Deluxe‘.
Price: € 13.- per person, including admission, guided tour, tasting and coffee.

Per person: € 13.-
Length: approx. 1¼ hours
Booking requirements: minimum 20 people
Seasonal bookings only, and on request

Organiser: Tourist Information Feuchtwangen • Legal entity: The town of Feuchtwangen
Marktplatz 1
91555 Feuchtwangen
Phone +49 (0) 9852 904-55 • Fax +49 (0) 9852 904-250 

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Guided tour through historic brewery cellars with beer tasting, followed by a light meal

Immerse yourselves in the almost forgotten era of Friedberg‘s brewing arts: the past is tangible in the old cellars and vaults. After the tour you can try the wheat beer from a small Wittelsbach cottage brewery. A hearty snack in a Swabian-Bavarian restaurant in the heart of Friedberg‘s romantic old town rounds off this special tour.

Per person: € 15.-
Participants: 35 maximum
Length: approx. 1½ hours

Organiser: Stadt Friedberg Touristinfo • Legal entity: The town of Friedberg
Marienplatz 5
86316 Friedberg
Phone +49 (0) 821 6002 450 • Fax +49 (0) 821 6002 190 

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