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‘Hopfen und Malz, Gott erhalt´s’ (‘God preserve the hops and the malt!” - often heard as a jovial toast). The decree enacted at the meeting of the Bavarian Estates in 1516 is the oldest food legislation in the world still in force today.

Even to this day, beers in Germany must be made exclusively from malt, hops, barley and water. Making the quality of beer a ‘justiciable’ matter goes back to a decree of the City of Augsburg in 1156. In the ‘Justitia Civitatis Augustensis’, infringements involving the quality of the beer were punishable by a fine, with repeated offences incurring the withdrawal of the offender’s brewing licence. Some 30 breweries along the Romantic Road continue to produce a wide variety of beers in accordance with the self-same German Purity Law (‘Reinheitsgebot’), ranging from the traditional ‘Helles’ lager, pilsner and wheat beer to unfiltered ‘Zwickel’ lagers and pale ale, as well as the darker, malty, seasonal ‘bock’ beers.

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Breweries from Würzburg to Füssen

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