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Romantic Road Gastro Trail


Distillation (lat. destillare: ‘drip’ or ‘trickle’, ‘distil’ from stilla ‘droplet’, ‘drop’) is a thermal separation process involving the harvesting of a volatile liquid or separation of a solvent from less easily vaporisable substances, and subsequent collection by condensation.

The slopes of the Tauber Valley and the Frankenhöhe uplands provide the ideal conditions for a variety of fruit to thrive. Brandies based on apple, pear, Williams Christ pear, quince, damson, sweet and sour cherry, sloe, mirabelle plum, raspberry, blackberry, rowan berry, elderberry, grape, pomace and meadow herbs are all produced in local artisan distilleries.

Romantic Road

High-percentage spirits along Germany’s Romantic Road Gastro Trail

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