Regional Specialities

Romantic Road Gastro Trail

Weekly markets and farm shops

Weekly markets sell regional products grown and produced all along the holiday route.

Fruit and vegetables, authentic home-baked farmhouse bread, noodles made with free-range eggs, meat and sausage from local pork reared in the Tauber Valley and ‘Boef de Hohenlohe’, a high-quality beef reared on the Hohenlohe uplands, smoked carp, alpine cheese from the Allgäu, as well as all sorts of herbs and plants. There is a rich variety to choose from, with abundant seasonal variation. Local suppliers mean fewer food miles, regional origin, responsible production and greater animal welfare, support for local production chains and less packaging. 

The range of products available at the individual weekly markets is complemented by the farm shops, with many of the local producers selling direct from their farms. 

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Weekly markets and farm shops

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