A gourmet journey

Culinary experiences along the Romantic Road

Let’s start with a logistical tip: when you travel along the Romantic Road, leave enough space in the boot of your car or take an extra bag with you.

Because it’s highly probable that, between Würzburg and Füssen, a certain wine or beer will taste so good, that you’ll want to buy some at the vineyard or brewery. Also, it may well be that you emerge with a full bag of sweets from a family-run factory, buy traditional marshmallows ('snowballs') and homemade honey as souvenirs, or stock up on sensational organic sausages, before you set off for home. And even if you don’t take home any culinary souvenirs, eating and drinking along the Romantic Road will stay in your memory as an extremely positive experience!

For every taste and pocket
The stretch between the River Main in the north and the Alps in the south is not only rich in art and culture, half-timbered houses, churches, castles and palaces. The route, which is a good 460 kilometres in length, is a real gastronomical paradise, a journey through the cuisines of Franconia, Baden, Württemberg, Swabia, Bavaria and the Allgäu. There’s something here for every taste and pocket. Fans of hearty food and lovers of gourmet cuisine alike can find something to suit them. And what’s more, you’ll always eat in wonderful surroundings …

Silvaner wine and fresh-water char
In the comfortable beer garden of the 'Sindel-Buckel' restaurant in Feuchtwangen, for example, where they serve delicate fillets of Franconian carp, which tastes superb with a cool glass of Silvaner. And in the one Michelin-starred 'Laurentius' in Weikersheim, where guests can enjoy Hohenlohe veal and a view of the Renaissance Palace. And in the 'Blaue Sau' in Rothenburg, which offers its visitors a view of the historic town walls and delicacies like lobster ceviche and beef tartare with sweet potato chips. After a hike in the Ammergau Alps, the shredded pancake (Kaiserschmarrn) in the 'Kenzenhütte' inn above Halblech tastes unbeatably good, and the fresh-water char in the restaurant on the Alatsee near Füssen is real delight …